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I'm back, how are things?

2013-12-01 17:30:53 by squeakytoad

Barely touched a computer for the last few years outside projects and papers for university. The good news is that I started animating content for the web at 14, so being only 22, I feel like I can get away with this for a few more years without growing up.

I was excited to see Newgrounds is still active. My first instinct was to start throwing out naive ideas to rejuvenate this place to where it was a few years ago, but after "lurking" a little longer, I realized that most of them had already been suggested and that Tom and company were already developing a lot of improvements and new initiatives for this site. I'm excited to see how this site will develop.

Speaking of Tom, did anyone stop to think of him in the whole commotion this month that came out of his decision to delete the game about the Sandy Hook tragedy? The ill will he got is nothing short of complete bullshit. Put yourself in his shoes, a guy with a family and a kid of his own, talking with parents who lost their children in a shocking and devastating nightmare. You're really going to come at him for wanting to run his business with a clear conscience?
After all he's done for the artists and users of this website? He runs this for them. He could've sold this a while ago and done very well for himself elsewhere in a safer job. Tom's shelled out thousands upon thousands every year for over a decade supporting artists, many of whom haven't shown much loyalty. I remember when he offered to buy me and a handful of other artists tablets for nothing in return - he just wanted to help us improve. Who does that?
The Renaissance was made possible by the wealthy nobles who sponsored the works of the artists who made history. Tom is basically a patron of web animation. And he's the only one doing that. That support influenced a huge part of the internet's culture.
I think, even if you disagree with his decision, you should cut him a break after all he's done for an entire community.

Anyway, who's still around from the 2005 - 2008 era? It would be great to reconnect.

Got a lot of ideas that just keep coming for possible animations. As Harry Partridge put it, "I've stories to tell that stay locked in my brain, and I don't know how I'll get them out."

He nailed it. And a t-rex apparently.

I'm back, how are things?


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2013-12-01 17:42:38

Hi Squeaky. I here for you

(Updated ) squeakytoad responds:

Ever since your success with "Snow Snow for Lucy," I've had it in my head that the internet might be receptive of more longer format animations, and I've been developing several ideas. Good to see you're still active.


2013-12-01 17:46:52

hello squeaky! i have been around ng a while....but i guess it dont count cuz i dnt know you. oh well no time like the present! ^~^

squeakytoad responds:



2013-12-01 18:54:11



2013-12-01 18:57:08

Hey there cutie cakes ;3

squeakytoad responds:

'ello, beautiful


2013-12-01 20:12:31

Well said, well said. Welcome back. I think it's stupid that people are bitching at Tom. While I can see why, they have clearly no respect for little kids or their parents, they act like they're not even human or something. It's selfish if you ask me. I think it's also something that never should have been made because the past is the past, and not to mention he shouldnt be getting fame off it. The artist clearly didn't think this one out. "Well uh freedom of expression". Yeah, freedom, but no one likes someone's inconsiderate bs if it goes too far, me personally i don't like inconsiderate bs period. While it's a weird time to return to NG, welcome back. I suggested to Tom about account age limits, and he has thought of it before and is considering it. That could fix the issue.

squeakytoad responds:

What do you mean by account age limits? Like restricting access to Newgrounds to those of a certain age? I don't think that would be a great idea. Aside from most age restrictions on the internet being ignored by users, I don't think age dictates how someone behaves online. Not to mention you'd lose the contributions of younger artists and users. Besides, most of the creators and consumers of the "questionable" content at hand were adults.

But I'm not advocating any prior restraints exist for expression on Newgrounds. This site is great because of the diversity of content here. All I'm saying in this post is that Tom ultimately has authority over what content he's willing to host on his website, and he's certainly proved himself deserving of a little more respect in the rare instance where he exercises that discretion.


2013-12-01 21:36:19

Hi Squeaky.

"I've had it in my head that the internet might be receptive of more longer format animations, and I've been developing several ideas." I think it's about the quality of the content. Duration don't mean anything! In fact, I think it's the complete opposite. Internet would prefer shorter things!
Brevity brevity brevity! Welcome back and make yourself at hoem.

squeakytoad responds:

Oh yeah, most of the time, they have absolutely no attention span. They can't even watch a five second Family Guy clip - they'd rather turn it into several GIFs with captions. But your film gave me hope.


2013-12-01 21:58:26

I love when older people come back and can still appreciate NG

squeakytoad responds:

It is what you make of it.


2013-12-01 23:17:11

Did you have a nice day, Squeaky toad?

(Updated ) squeakytoad responds:

Yes, thank you


2013-12-02 10:05:26

hey i remember you from way back tho

squeakytoad responds:

That was when I was.


2013-12-02 11:52:32

We need a LIKE button for blog posts! I do wish there was a wider appreciation that when NG actually made money, it got pumped back into NG via tons of sponsorships (was doing a game a week for a while there) and gifts like the tablets. With all the streamlining we've done these past few years, if we actually started making the kind of money we made in 2005-2008, it feels like NG would be unstoppable. Hoping this valley is followed by a hill and not a cliff... Just gotta keep on keeping on.

(Updated ) squeakytoad responds:

Do you have a development blog? I learn what I can from your news posts, but it would be great to see what changes you have in the pipeline and follow how the site will be evolving, if you already have something set up.


2013-12-02 14:38:58

So when do you plan to grow up?

squeakytoad responds:

Not today.


2013-12-02 21:09:40

The only thing I think is missing around newgrounds lately is excessive cock jokes,we need jeff the mighty lord of cock jokes again.

squeakytoad responds:

Pretty sure he's still around.


2013-12-03 09:38:08

We don't have a development blog, that would be kinda cool... Right now you basically have to comb the FP news to find stuff. I should also update the NG History page.

We're launching our rich text editor for blogs RIGHT NOW this morning. It shouldn't be much longer before we follow up with embeds for NG content. I'm really amped though to get something back in place along the lines of ALPHAS, where people have public preview pages for their projects and can append their blog posts to the project.


2013-12-03 21:08:37

still I miss cock joke stars like him being more present