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How to Be a Better Newgrounds Ambassador

2013-12-08 23:18:23 by squeakytoad


I'm back, how are things?

2013-12-01 17:30:53 by squeakytoad

Barely touched a computer for the last few years outside projects and papers for university. The good news is that I started animating content for the web at 14, so being only 22, I feel like I can get away with this for a few more years without growing up.

I was excited to see Newgrounds is still active. My first instinct was to start throwing out naive ideas to rejuvenate this place to where it was a few years ago, but after "lurking" a little longer, I realized that most of them had already been suggested and that Tom and company were already developing a lot of improvements and new initiatives for this site. I'm excited to see how this site will develop.

Speaking of Tom, did anyone stop to think of him in the whole commotion this month that came out of his decision to delete the game about the Sandy Hook tragedy? The ill will he got is nothing short of complete bullshit. Put yourself in his shoes, a guy with a family and a kid of his own, talking with parents who lost their children in a shocking and devastating nightmare. You're really going to come at him for wanting to run his business with a clear conscience?
After all he's done for the artists and users of this website? He runs this for them. He could've sold this a while ago and done very well for himself elsewhere in a safer job. Tom's shelled out thousands upon thousands every year for over a decade supporting artists, many of whom haven't shown much loyalty. I remember when he offered to buy me and a handful of other artists tablets for nothing in return - he just wanted to help us improve. Who does that?
The Renaissance was made possible by the wealthy nobles who sponsored the works of the artists who made history. Tom is basically a patron of web animation. And he's the only one doing that. That support influenced a huge part of the internet's culture.
I think, even if you disagree with his decision, you should cut him a break after all he's done for an entire community.

Anyway, who's still around from the 2005 - 2008 era? It would be great to reconnect.

Got a lot of ideas that just keep coming for possible animations. As Harry Partridge put it, "I've stories to tell that stay locked in my brain, and I don't know how I'll get them out."

He nailed it. And a t-rex apparently.

I'm back, how are things?