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You have the patience of a monk.

I loved the brief moment of darkness where the eyes and outline matched Thomas before the full view of the creature.

Would've been great to see that extended just a moment to draw out the visual transformation, build the suspense, maybe have the legs emerge a little slower.

Great sound effects and music loop. Have any more? I want to see more.

That Chris. What a prat for... *checks notes* not going to a political fundraiser? Or was it church or something? Who cares? Roast im!

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Such a fun game. I love it.
The animations were great, and the incorporation of little movies into the game gave it so much more life.
Loved the level art. Everything was done just right there.

The sound effects were awesome. Really fit in well. Good use of them. The music wasn't the best, but I understand what a hassle than can be (from getting music you have rights to, to keeping the file size down, etc).

The gameplay was great. Loved the isometric design. And while the collect/avoid game is quite common in the flash world, I thought you did this one tremendously well.

Props to all you guys. Nice job.

Keep making these!

Excellent adventure game.

Usually don't play many of these games, but I checked it out cause I was apparently in it (haha, great cameos throughout this thing, btw).

I actually found this quite fun. Very few flaws. Most adventure games around here are littered with them.
Neat trading game system. Those are always fun.
Liked the whole turkey thing.

Overall, a nice little game to burn some time on.
Nice work with this thing.

LilDwarf responds:

Hehe thanks alot squeaky! I forgot to say that I included about 10-15 NG artists in this (you seem to have noticed most of them :)) I'm glad you liked it and I have to agree that though these have some flaws, but at least it's fun. Thanks for the review.

You guys always provide really entertaining games.

This thing is simple yet fun. Really distracted me, and that's often what I desire these things to do, especially when I'm having a lousy day.
Keep making quality games, guys.

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Why are there so many songs about gangstas?

NickSenny responds:

Gangstas are visions, but only illusions
And gangstas have nothing to hide...
Well... actually


Very well done.
I can see a ton of uses for this music in a film soundtrack.
Keep it up.

cornandbeans responds:

ooo a movie.. nice. Thanks.


Awesome remake of the Zelda theme.
Major props to you.

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The power of true friendship.

Love the composition of this!

I'm having a Mandela effect moment here, because I could've sworn there was a Saturday morning cartoon with cyborg wolves - I can vaguely remember action figures based on it - but Google turns up nothing.
Maybe it's just the nostalgia for Saturday morning cartoons like this.
Love the palette.

AlmightyHans responds:

As i drew this I had the same feeling. Maybe I poked the mandela part of the brain somehow

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