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Such a fun game. I love it.
The animations were great, and the incorporation of little movies into the game gave it so much more life.
Loved the level art. Everything was done just right there.

The sound effects were awesome. Really fit in well. Good use of them. The music wasn't the best, but I understand what a hassle than can be (from getting music you have rights to, to keeping the file size down, etc).

The gameplay was great. Loved the isometric design. And while the collect/avoid game is quite common in the flash world, I thought you did this one tremendously well.

Props to all you guys. Nice job.

Keep making these!

Excellent adventure game.

Usually don't play many of these games, but I checked it out cause I was apparently in it (haha, great cameos throughout this thing, btw).

I actually found this quite fun. Very few flaws. Most adventure games around here are littered with them.
Neat trading game system. Those are always fun.
Liked the whole turkey thing.

Overall, a nice little game to burn some time on.
Nice work with this thing.

LilDwarf responds:

Hehe thanks alot squeaky! I forgot to say that I included about 10-15 NG artists in this (you seem to have noticed most of them :)) I'm glad you liked it and I have to agree that though these have some flaws, but at least it's fun. Thanks for the review.

You guys always provide really entertaining games.

This thing is simple yet fun. Really distracted me, and that's often what I desire these things to do, especially when I'm having a lousy day.
Keep making quality games, guys.


Love the layout, the preloader sketchbook, the music, Swain's voicing, and the tons of awesome features.

Great work putting it together.

Haha. "Squeakytoad is the most well known Newgrounds artist based in Thailand. He might also be the only one."
Crap. I'll lose this title when I move back to the US for good next year.

Incredible and remarkably challenging.

Too often to flash gamers makers confuse "hard" with "challenging". They lack the ability to make a game really engaging, so they just make it close to impossible to beat.
You, on the other hand, have created a game with requires an incredible amount of thought.
This is excellently inventive and addicting.

mikegagnon responds:

Thanks for the thoughtful review. I've actually been developing Road Blocks 2 levels for over three years now. I designed each one by hand with graph paper before plugging it into the computer. I tried to give each level a unique twist which makes hopefully makes levels challenging and rewarding to beat. There's subtle hints for the solution in each level if you look closely.

Awesome game. No doubt about it.

Man, this is incredibly addictive.
I kept getting really awesome combos, but most of them were only 100 - 130, so I didn't make it to the highest combos list.
My highest height was only two away from the top list of that as well. Missed it by an inch.

Also, a mute button wouldn't hurt. Not a huge fan of the in-game sfx. Can't listen to music or anything while you play this.

Aside from that, it's awesome. Keep up the great work, man!


Excellent selection of minigames. Never got bored.
Some great features.
Didn't notice any bugs.
Some nice music.
All around, a great game.
Keep it up, man!

Brillantly addictive.

An incredible time waster. You've made this game incredibly enjoyable, despite the simplicity.
I seriously, seriously recommend a sequel.
Next time around, some added graphics would be great. Perhaps seeing your virus morph. Perhaps the option to watch on the news these reports we're hearing about.
Also, a little more control would add more fun and more interactivity. The ability to control the movements of your virus just a little more. Perhaps the ability to target certain areas to certain degrees.
For the map, I'd also really like to be able to see a little more easily the areas being infected. A red tint covering cities, districts, countries as they're taken over. Darker red tints for areas with widespread death.

Despite having beaten it four times now, I'm still going at it (Got to make that high score sheet eventually. I'm missing it by only a few hundred points.)

Keep it up!



Thanks, Luis. This is amazing.

Really hate my part. Shouldn't have screwed around with pastels.

Can't wait to do it again next year.

Josh @squeakytoad


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